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Access for british sign language users

British sign language users can access our services via our qualified sign language psychological wellbeing practitioner  

Living Well with Type 2 Diabetes

We know that being newly diagnosed with Diabetes Type 2 can be difficult and overwhelming and that it can impact on every area of life. This can impact on confidence and the daily management of your Diabetes. We are offering a therapy group for individuals recently diagnosed with Type 2…

Understanding Bereavement and Learning to Live with Loss

The aim of the workshop is to help you gain a better understanding of bereavement and the process of grief, as well as to help  you consider the different factors that play a part in how we respond to loss.  The workshop will also explore common responses to bereavement and…

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Relaxation Techniques

We've put together these tracks for you to listen to or download in your own time. It's best to find somewhere quiet and dedicate around 20 minutes to completing each exercise. You can either listen to them on this page or click the download button to download to your device.…

Self Referral

Are you experiencing mild to moderate depression, anxiety or stress? If you are registered to a Barnsley GP and are experiencing a common mental health condition such as stress, depression or anxiety, and would like some help to manage it please fill in the self-referral form below and we will contact…


Wellbeing resources

  Websites Live well Barnsley Live well Barnsley is a place where you can find information about help and support services within the borough. The site contains information and contact details about all types of services and activities that can help you look after yourself, stay independent and get…

Mindfulness workshops

Mindfulness focuses our minds on the present moment whilst noticing and accepting our feelings, thoughts and bodily symptoms. This workshop aims to help you to understand what mindfulness is and to start to use your senses to pay attention to the present moment in a non-judgemental way. This can help…