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Stress Pac

What is Stress Pac?

Stress Pac is a 6-week course which provides you with tools and techniques to help you to understand and manage your stress, anxiety and depression.

You will learn a number of different techniques which have been shown to help improve your ability to manage your stress levels and improve confidence and general wellbeing. Stress Pac is delivered by Psychological Wellbeing Practitioners, through lecture-style presentations.

Stress Pac is not group therapy; you will not be asked to share your experiences or to speak in front of others, just sit back, listen, and put your new skills into practice at home.

What do the weeks cover?

Each week focuses on a specific area of stress management. Even if you feel that a specific week doesn’t apply to your personal symptoms, it is still useful to attend as you are likely to get some benefit, and gives you the opportunity to learn techniques that may be useful for you in the future.

  • Week 1: An introduction to Stress Pac and consider your own vicious cycles of stress
  • Week 2: How stress affects your body, the fight/flight response, and how to reduce these symptoms using relaxation techniques
  • Week 3: How stress affects your actions, and how to improve motivation and enjoyment
  • Week 4: How to overcome panic attacks, and how to confront and overcome avoidance
  • Week 5: Identifying unhelpful thinking styles and how to challenge these
  • Week 6: Finding hidden problems, identifying and improving sleep issues, tying it all together.

How do I book onto the course?

Please see below the upcoming course dates. Each course runs consecutively for 6 weeks, excluding bank holidays. Choose one which works for you, click on the link and complete the form  to book your place on the course, or contact us on 01226 644900 and ask to book onto Stress Pac.

By completing the form you will automatically be booked on to the selected course, and you will receive a confirmation letter no less than a week before the start date.

All Stress Pac courses are run at Priory Campus, Pontefract Road, Lundwood, Barnsley, S71 5PN.