1 in 4 of us experience problems with our psychological (mental) wellbeing at some points in our lives.

Life changing events like losing a job, an accident, the loss of a loved one, a traumatic incident or even just moving house can lead to feelings that can be hard to cope with. Sometimes, there may be no event that has triggered how we are feeling…

You do not need to try and cope on your own. If you live in Barnsley and are over the age of 16, the IAPT service can help.

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IAPT - Improving Access to Psychological Therapies; helping people get quick and easy access to the best type of therapy for their individual needs.

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Evening appointments were really helpful for me due to work. I’ve felt very well supported and listened to throughout this service.

Barnsley IAPT Service user

How can a daily 10 minute chat help to reduce falls and incidents of aggression and violence on wards? Read our case study to find out. #allofusimprove


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Spring is a time for fresh starts. Something as simple as saying hello to someone who lives nearby can be the first step towards looking out for each other. #OurNeighbours

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